Created to execute an investment strategy that outperforms the investment objectives of our Members and delights them in the process.

VisioCap represents a different private equity investment model - one that is better informed.

The Founders’ collective experience, comprised of decades of investing in and running various companies, has led to the design of an investment business uniquely positioned to drive consistent and outstanding investment returns.

We are investors, deploying capital in businesses we deeply understand and can significantly affect.

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Being willing is not enough, we must do.”

- Leonardo da Vinci

We define ourselves by the company we keep

We are a membership-based private investment company whose Members are diverse but share a set of fundamental objectives.

  • Capital

    Greater control over capital through faster paths of liquidity.

  • Alignment

    Aligned interests among the investor, investment manager, and company executives.

  • Transparency

    Increased transparency of their investment performance and investment manager’s operation.

  • Returns

    Outsized returns by capitalizing on the inefficiencies inherent in the lower middle market through a proprietary investment strategy developed and executed by a team with extensive sector-specific expertise.

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